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New website misses functions

  1. Hello,

    Before I had a WordPress site named "". I closed this one and opened a new one called "". On my previous site, every time I made a new post, I saw an option where WordPress already choose some tags for me. With me new site, this option is gone. How can I turn in one?

    Question 2: The interface of with "freshly pressed" is different than "". I liked the other one better. I had more results than. How can I change this?

    Thank you for putting in the effort for anwering my question!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1) Zemanta.
    2) You can't change this; staff are constantly tinkering and making changes, and things do change.

  3. Thank you raincoaster!,

    1) Zemanta, I think that was it. I got my tags again and related articles. So helpful!

    2) I have found the option again: Reader -> Freshly pressed (I was looking under Blogs I Follow). Hé, I'm new here :-)

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