New (which one to use??)

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    hi there.

    i am new to wordpress and im doing a blog to show friends and family my travels.. im wondering if there is a plug in or something that i can use…
    i want to be able to write a bit then put a picture in then write some more..
    i dont realy know what im doing on here… i can only seem to use gallery which isnt useful for what i want?

    Any suggestions or helpful tips would be great

    thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    There is no FTP access and we cannot install plugins. Plugins are not required for uploading images into your blog.
    Re: images
    These are the accepted file types:

    Instructions for image uploading are here >
    Here are more details about the options for uploading images:
    For troubleshooting images here >



    Any suggestions or helpful tips would be great

    I suggest you use the step by step tutorial Staff have provided which is linked to on the bottom of your Admin page.


    Thanks i was looking into the “learn” page now.

    Thanks for the advice.. i dont completely understand it… but im sure i can work it out.. thanks :)

    I have been able to get pics onto my blog but not in the format i want… eg write a bit… picture and then write a bit..


    ok i have read the learn thingy! its great thanks :)
    worked it out



    That’s great news. Happy blogging!

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