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New WordPress directory

  1. entomoagricola

    Hi all!
    There is a new directory, for WordPress blog (both independent and blogs): if you want to show our blogs.

  2. this is nice! thanks for the info. did you set this up? if not, how did you find this?

  3. defrostindoors

    Great site (is it just me or is it on the slow side?). I'm adding Bridlepath and will tell all my friends about it.

  4. entomoagricola

    I found this here:
    The register process is a little long, and your blog won't appear in a few days (they add the blogs one after other one).

  5. Thanks :)

  6. No vulgarity? I'm fucked.

  7. @ raincoaster

    hard too believe no one had "dugged" this yet

  8. Thanks for the digg! I am beginning to think I'm losing my touch: haven't broken the Top 100 WordPress posts in a month or so, whine whine. Congrats on having two blogs in the top five!

  9. @quotes
    Congrats from me too. :)

  10. @timethief

    Thank you. It is a highly visible holiday and lots of people want to find "just the right thing to say" on their card. I probably should have provided some usefull things in other topic areas but I just have not had time to even think about it.

    Maybe tomorrow?
    Maybe not.

  11. No vulgarity? I'm fucked.

    eh can we actually write eff in its full length? would we be ... censored?

  12. Guess I shall find out soon enough. Will report back one way or another; all the blogs have to be inspected before approval.

  13. Hi,

    For the life of me, I can't get this site to accept the security code from me at the end of the submission process. Has anyone else been able to get it to work properly recently?

  14. Okay,

    I was able to get the submission to go through today. Thanks for the tip about this site!

  15. I got in my submission. I heard about it from Lorelle or

    So far I haven't seen any traffic from it.

    I think most directories at like that... when was the last time you looked something up in an online directory instead of searching for it?

  16. and yet we're still suckers for directories when we see one. lol

  17. Seems like most directories have lousy PR anyway so they're not really worth it.

  18. This one wants to sell you "featured" status for $20 :)

    For the past month I've been experimenting with "blog advertising on a shoe string" -- basically, what kind of advertising you can buy for under 20 bucks.

    Man, it all sucks.

  19. Seems like this directory is "broken" now....

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