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    I can’t seem to post a picture in the new post, and when I try to post a new post it will only be stuck on the “HTML Mode” and won’t go to the “Visual” mode – can someone help me?
    Also this new layout is very confusing and looks unfinished, I don’t like it at all.



    See the sticky at the top of the forum and be patient. It will take a little bit for things to stabilize.

    Also, you are probably going to have to clear your browser cache and cookies for everything to settle down. In fact, you might have to do it a few times over the next hour or two.



    Oh, ok sorry. I tried that before and it didn’t work but now it does.
    The new layout is really confusing though.



    Bummer. Wish I’d known this was coming. The change hit me as I was working on a post, and I lost the last half of it when I clicked “post.” Then I spend 10 minutes freaking out thinking my site had been hijacked.



    yeah, i was also totally surprised by the new dashboard and am having major issues with the create a link button in the wysiwyg editor and cannot create links this way, works fine in html view though. i love what you guys at wordpress do, but please get this update stabilized and offer it as a beta view or something and give us back the old dashboard until the bugs are tweaked.



    If you are having a blank link popup that means your browser still has some old cache. Clear your internet cache and restart the browser. In Firefox this is easy with Tools > Clear Private Data.



    mtdewvirus respond to this please because im having a problem i really need you and the team to fix,when i go to write and click on post to make a new post i dont see the tabs where i can add images,put a link into words itype,and make the font for the post im making different like making the text strong where it is a darker black,can you post a reply on how to get this on please?


    Do as Matt suggested above.

    To the right of “add media” at the top of the editor area is where you upload and add images and such (upload media is the button on the left). The little starburst looking icon at the right end is the add media button which takes you to a popup window and if you click on the “media library link at the top of that window, it brings up everything you have uploaded to wordpress where you can then send them to the editor.



    OK, I see that image upload now is *supposed* to generate a translucent popup window(?), just as when previewing a Theme.

    I’m able to insert images now.

    But geez, what bloody aggravation there for near an hour.

    Advance warning of this would have helped greatly. And it probably would have been best to do it on a weekend, when there’s less traffic and impulse to post!

    I still think having to now scroll down to add Categories is FAIL.

    And the disappearance of the Save and Continue Editing button is FAIL.



    mikecane, the “save” button works just like save and continue used to — try it out. Also auto-save is now a LOT smarter, so you’ll find your posts will be more protected than ever.


    You mean when you are editing a post that has already been published? Yeah, I liked that too. Oh well.

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