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new wordpress is bad and looks terrible

  1. alexcarnevale, I'm not clear which image options you're referring to. Could you start a new thread about it?

  2. Matt, this is what I was talking about ...

  3. my blog in Journalist layout now no longer has an Authors widget, or the ability to add it.

  4. MATT -->Hey you guys should add a check box were i we can check the uploaded images and past the all together at the same time!

    the option i have now is to past them one by one !! thats really annoying.
    this is what happens when i use the [gallery] code:

    as you can see the images is stuck together.
    thx for the multiply upload function! it has been missed :D

  5. I don't like having to scroll down so far to access features. Before, I could see almost everything in my window at once. Now I have to scroll through categories, scroll to "advanced options", scroll on the dashboard.

    It would be very cool if you could move the boxes around on the dashboard. I don't use the incoming links, so it would be great to remove it and move up Your Stuff.

  6. Matt, I'm enjoying the new system more and more. I think the image uploading is going to work out fine. I'm also impressed with how well you guys are reacting to feedback. Great work.

  7. That's odd. Gallery worked fine for me.

    But there are at least 2-3 bugs to squash:

  8. Matt,

    I just reloaded. The link box is still empty.

  9. Does this new change come with any new themes? Worpress needs some new themes with more options. (custom banner AND custom colors, etc.)
    I don't like the change either. Too much and too confusing.

  10. To reiterate, and hopefully lend credence to the problems other users are encountering: I am in the same boat as member rocksrocks. Our blog in the "Journalist" layout no longer displays the authors' names on the right hand side of the page to the regular viewer, and the authors widget seems to be missing altogether.

  11. I agree that this new design will take getting use to. I do not like the BIG takes up alot of room. I also liked have the categories right beside the message box.. This helps you quickly categorize it. The biggest thing I would change is SMALLER FONT. Go back to the old font.

  12. Yeah I don't like the look of it. Fonts are too big in some places and everything is jumbled. I do however like some of the readouts that were added to the main dashboard page. Saves some clickage. Colour scheme and font size could use fiddling with though, imho. By colours I mean that big red background on that first info box thing. Kind of looks alarming amidst all them blue things. Logged in just know and thought I did something I shouldn't have. >.>

  13. What have you done to my interface? It's dreadful. Why change it?

    I can't see a single improvement! If it was made quicker, easier and more dependable that would make sense.

    Now I have to waste time learning something with no perceivable benefit. You didn't have the courtesy to warn us or explain any advantages. Very silly!

  14. Going to close this thread, please start new threads with INDIVIDUAL ISSUES so we can fix any bugs that may have snuck by.

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