New WordPress Strips My Content of Formats, Links, and Codes

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    1. In previous posts (pre-2012), I created my linked (SEO) words in Word and WordPress retained those links when I copied and pasted. For the past several months, WordPress does not allow my linked keywords to show.
    2. Your changed format is a tad unfriendly. Whereas I understand about newness in technology, the newness should make things better not more difficult. Case in point, whereas you have provided more formatting buttons now than in the past for content creation, the message/content board stripes importation of previously allowed codes from other documents/software programs. I need to retain the codes, links, formats in the documents I import into WordPress. They are stripped upon being pasted. Why?
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    The blog I need help with is


    The only codes that are stripped out by software are those codes which are either security threat as this is ammultuser blogging platform or those whaich are advertising links. See here for accepted HTML >



    If you’re concerned about SEO, you’re going to have to reduce the numbers of categories you use. There are 18 on your latest post, which will flag you as a tag spammer to and search engines. Ten or so is fine.


    Thanks raincoaster! Good to know for future postings.

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