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new WordPress themes

  1. I downloaded new WordPress themes from Smashing Magazine (see

    How do I install all these new themes into Presentation before I update my blog?

  2. You can't. bloggers can select from only the templates offered on our Presentation page.

  3. You DO have a blog hosted at, don't you? Since your username is not linked to your blog, there's no way for me to tell.

  4. Fourth thread they've started and NOW you ask them that? ;)

    Do note that 99.9% of the time when you see "wordpress" somewhere, they're talking about the version of wordpress found over at If they're talking about "", they'll say so specifically.

    Unless they're Technorati which still doesn't know the difference. *sigh*

  5. So, WP has it's limitation in Themes and Headers? Does WP add new themes from time to time?

  6. No, wordpress.COM doesn't allow end users to upload their own themes as it would be a security risk. WordPress (ie does not have this limitation as it's not a shared environment. It's too easy to upload something nasty within a php file that would allow access to other folks's blogs.

    And, yes, they do add in themes from time to time. You can skim the main blog at and take a look see.

    And we hate it when folks don't answer questions asked of them. It's rather rude.

  7. one of the themes in that list has a purely CSS version that you can use with the custom CSS upgrade:


  8. And I even thought about mentioning the CSS upgrade. Sorry about that.

  9. Do you think we could maybe get the title of the 'please read me first before posting' sticky redone in BOLD CAPS on a bright yellow background? And bump the font-size up to, ooh 72pt or something?

    It wouldn't be aesthetically pleasing, but it's not like that's ever worried them before.

  10. Actually I'm working on a new FAQ sticky.

    Well i was until I found out that the libraries are going to be closed this weekend. :(

  11. Dr Mike, please. I somehow don't feel obligated to do both blog and forum searches on a person's name to determine their whereabouts before I answer the question. Not at the rates I'm being paid.

  12. if i found a theme i love on themeviewer can i add it as a template for my blog?

  13. Please read the thread you posted in. The answer is right at the top.

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