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    I just noticed that you folks have changed the format on the topics page to include what it is that I read based on my tags. I really liked the old format better. I could pick a topic and see the squares that featured the articles. The change now has everything running down the page. It was easier to see what I wanted to see with the squares as opposed to listing it down a page. I do appreciate all you folks do there, and yes, I am a bit resistant to change.

    To me what would make sense is to have the topic list as it was, and then within be able to jump more than just the next page or previous page. Maybe page numbers to jump to?

    Just my opinion, and comments. Thank you for letting me have my blog on your site! I appreciate it! And, my husband says it keeps me out of trouble!

    The blog I need help with is


    I wholeheartedly agree! I think the new set up is MUCH LESS conducive to browsing, especially in topics like recipes and gardening, where I often enjoy visiting the blogs based on the photographs. Please change the format back, WP!!


    Please change the format back, WP!!



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