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    I have bought a .FR address from OVH. I would like know to make my free to be linked with my
    I don’t understand anything to all that NS.wordpress and DNS stuff. However i have read all the domain help.
    Could I get a clear explanation please?
    Thank you very much

    The blog I need help with is


    What is the actual domain name that you purchased? Staff will need the exact domain name.

    Staff will have to manually set a zone record for you and then you can map it to your blog here using the procedure outlined here.

    I’ve tagged this thread for staff attention and hopefully they will be around shortly to set that zone record for you.



    I have manually added a zone record for your domain.

    You should now be able to map it here following this guide:


    Thank you guys. I still got an error although I changed my DNS from my domain name (OVH) as well :

    Message : DNS update failed. Fix the zone-check error, and relaunch the operation. The zone-check error is: [TEST présence d’un enregistrement SOA]: réponse refusée par le serveur: (SOA



    Based on your initial request, I added the zone record for “”

    I take it from your reply that the real domain is If so, I have just now added a zone record for it.

    Also, please don’t bump threads. I’m not online at 1 or 7 AM, so bumping just clutters it up for everyone else.


    Thank you macmanx. My “UP” was’nt for you alone, but for anybody who could perhaps advice as thesacredpath did here above.

    Anyway, It’s not working on OVH. I added on Domain pannel. I’m not waiting to be active, guess it could take few hours.


    Correction previous message.

    Thank you macmanx. My “UP” was’nt for you alone, but for anybody who could perhaps advice as thesacredpath did here above.

    Anyway, It’s now working on OVH. I added on Domain pannel. I’m now waiting the redirection to be activated, I guess it could take few hours.



    You’re welcome!




    Is it normal that more than 14 hours after I have set correctly all the parameters, the is still not redirecting to

    Thank you.



    It can take up to 72 hours for a domain name change to propagate throughout the internet, but rarely takes that long.


    Thank you timethief.



    Since today, when I connect to “” I got this warning :

    Warning! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found. Please log in and go to the Domains Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain.

    However I have adequately added “” into Domain field of my WordPress Blog.

    Any suggestion ? Thank You.



    We have no record of in our system, and I don’t see any transactions on your account.

    Please try purchasing a mapping subscription again by adding the domain via Store -> Domains in your blog’s Dashboard.


    Macmanx, the has been purchased from another company (



    Yes, but you still need to purchase a domain mapping subscription from us.


    Thank you Macmanx. I wasn’t aware about it.
    But, as an engineer, you should be able to answer this technical question.

    I think that we are technically able to put a simple “index.html” redirection on my “registar” ftp server /www/ so that when people connect
    to they are independently redirected to without having to pay a domain mapping to of, is that correct ? Of course, I’m aware about the fact that all url’s won’t be rewrote.

    Could you please confirm that possibility ? And if it is, could you so delete the “zone record” you did early for ?

    Anyway. Thank you Macmanx.



    Everything is working fine now. Thank you for your help Macmanx, Timethief and thesacredpath.

    See you. (not too soon)


    Could you please delete that topic please. I don’t want to let my personnal conversation on public. Thank you.

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