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New WP is locking me out

  1. Every time I try to make a new post with the new WP format it claims that I'm not authorized to post on my blog. Then, when I enter the old WP format and start a new post, it doesn't let me add any media. Does anyone know what's going on?

  2. What exactly do you mean by new and old format?

  3. There's a new posting format that popped up a few weeks back. You can still access the old one from your dashboard, though.

  4. I'm afraid I can't help, because I still don't know what you're talking about. Posting works the same as always for me.

  5. There's a new quick format form the homepage. Never mind. Thanks anyway.

  6. Ah, now I see what you're talking about: always give a link to the page you're talking about, in this case!/post/

    The solution is to not use that. It's new, and staff are having some issues with permissions all over the site at the moment. Report the glitch via your dashboard Help button.

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