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new site+question re:photo gallery

  1. I realize plug-ins are only a wp.ORG thing, and not an option with my new wp.COM site, but I'm curious to know if I have any options at all as how to show a set of photos on it's own page on my wp.COM site?
    Thanks so much,
    ~ j

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It is a little limited compared to many of the plugins out there, but we do have this.

  3. You can also read more about using the Gallery feature on my photo blog Not the Official WPcom Gallery FAQ. But that's it as far as it goes at the moment in terms of native WP features available on

    If you're familiar with coding HTML, there have been some very clever users using the "thickbox" class to code their own galleries with floating full size images. Will try to have a look through my bookmarks and post some links.

  4. Thank you to you both, I'll check all that out!

    justjennifer - I'd love to check out those links to the "thickbox" class you mentioned.

  5. Here are two WordPress.COM blogger posts that explain what you can do with the “thickbox” class and a tutorial as well. Note that you don’t need the CSS upgrade to do it.
    video tutorial for the “Thickbox” workaround for

  6. Thanks TT. :)

    Here's the thread I was looking for; unfortunately the OP updated that he's moved his blog off to have more image options. LOL Still you may find something in the conversation between him and devblog to help you.

  7. @justjennifer
    Thanks for that link. Bookmarked! :)

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