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New Writing Blog

  1. Finally got my next post up for my new writing blog, highlighting an article series I'm writing for the Yahoo Contributor Network. The topic is 'The ABCs of Fiction Writing'. I'm sure there some of you that would enjoy it :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. silly me forgot to post the url - :D

  3. Nice! I enjoy reading about writing. I do a lot of both :-) I have a few posts you might enjoy as well about communication (other than writing).

  4. Great job to both of you!!

  5. I'm new to wordpress and looking for writing blogs so i'll definitely check yours out. I've only one post on my blog so far, but its also about writing. Please check it out :)

  6. This looks like something I'd be very interested in. I'm including some short stories on my own blog and anything related to writing fiction is enjoyable for me to read.

  7. Great! I hope my blog does prove to be interested in. So far i'm off to a bit of a slow start but things will improve! I'll check your blog out :)

  8. Joshua - I hope you enjoy it! I've already subscribed to yours, though I haven't had a chance to read anything in depth yet. It looks very interesting, though!

    Andrea - I'm sure you'll do great, just post consistently (even if it's once a week or every couple of weeks), and make your topics interesting :)

  9. Instead of starting a new thread, I'll just try and remember to post here whenever I do a new post . . . or whenever I remember to post about posts!

    A few new posts are up since I last said anything, please go and check them out, especially my ABCs of Fiction Writing page on the blog!

  10. A little late to this post, but cool, another writer. Glad this thread got bumped.

    I'll be really interested in your experience with the Yahoo Contributor Network. I created an account there a while back, but haven't tried anything yet. I'll definitely be lurking around your blog to see how it's going for you.

  11. I have a new post (or two) up since I last bumped this thread! Go check it out if writing fiction is one of the things you love!

    aelius - sorry, I'm terrible about responding to things! I'm trying to get better! I'm really enjoying my experience with YCN right now. I'm not going to do it forever, but it's been a great starting place for me to actually get some freelance experience and to get myself in the habit of writing frequently. I don't get the massive amount of page views that some people do, but considering the fact that I write a lot of articles about writing (which is one thing they say doesn't perform as well as, say, sports), but I'm happy with the page views that I do get on those things, because I know more writers than I know people who are interested in sports, and they're more likely to read and pass along my articles. Ultimately, though, it's about writing what you love :)

  12. Today on my blog: Reaction to the Harry Potter final installment!

    Comment and tell me who your favorite character is at

  13. New post up tonight (What Songs Haunt You?)! And a funny one from a few days ago (Imploding Brains). Enjoy!

    Anyone who will link to my blog, I'll link to yours :)

  14. I am beginning an experimental multi-installation novel. I'm not sure how long it will be yet, but the entries are short and an easy daily read. Check it out if you have nothing better to do.

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