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  1. What are yours?

    I plan to cease procrastinating (but how will I cleanse away my newfound addiction with

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I never really make "official" resolutions but some of my plans for the New Year are finding a different job and getting my blog off the ground.

    Only three days into the year and I'm definitely making progress on at least one - check out my first blog post, which is about making resolutions!

    G'luck with breaking the procrastination habit - something I definitely know a thing or two about myself!

  3. Good luck on finding a new job!

  4. I hope to hit 100.000 views by the end of the year, if not sooner.

  5. I have officially decided to never again make another New Years resolution... which is not because I don't want to set goals for myself, buuuuutttt. those new years resolutions end up just being words. So I guess I made an "unofficial" resolution to prove my worth to myself and others by my actions because words are just words and they don't mean anything if not backed up.

    Cheers everyone! and good luck with your own resolutions.

  6. @kymleemurphy I totally agree 100% with you that actions do speak louder than words thats why I decided to take action with quiting cold turkey with smoking cigs for the new year compared to saying a bunch of stuff I would like to change for the new year.

  7. Holy Batman! Good for you Teck and a very huge good luck!

  8. I personally have learned through out my life that making New Years resolutions is pretty much setting myself up for failure so I quit setting them many years ago. My daughter had to come up with New Years resolutions for a paper she was writing at the end of the year and I'm not sure of her grade yet but I preety much pass my thoughts on the subject to my children and let them know that if they are going to set them then make it something small and fun not something that has to do with your physical appearance or mental appearance. So she picked writing more neatly. :)

  9. Amen! lol. That's awesome Teck... and Bats, I def agree. People should set goals for themselves, but only when they are ready to finish what they start. I am a huge offender of starting something and never finishing, hence the reason I don't say what I don't mean anymore, and why I try my best to do what I have to do and let that speak for me.


  10. theshygirlnextdoor

    I hope to get a hit from someone I don't know... lol.

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