New You Tube Embed Code – AAAGGGHHHH

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    Not needing help as I found a work-around.

    You Tube have changed their “Embed” again. it has an iframes html tag and produces a blank post when used as per normal WordPress protocol.

    I ended up finding an old video I had successfully posted and, cut and pasting, changed the old you tube url code (the bit after the “v=” for the new url code and that worked.

    It seems a bit long to do something that was simple but at least it is a way of getting it to work until the WordPress Wizards give us an easier way of doing it.



    Actually, you can now embed a YouTube video by simply pasting the URL into your post.

    See this for more info:


    Thankx for that. My problem is that I am extremely old and set in my ways – I missed this change when it came out :(

    Memos to self – must keep checking WP updates and must learn to change :)



    You’re welcome!

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