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New YouTube Emebds not working

  1. The link in the top post looks like this:

    [youtube=<a href="" class="linkification-ext" title=""></a>]

    That's why it's broken.

  2. Thanks!

    I did not notice that.

    I used the Performancing extension to Firefox to compose the post/ It did something weird to the formatting.

    Thanks again.

  3. Hello,
    I noticed in IE that the titanic video did not load properly either. The video player is embedded but it looks like the bottom portion of that player did not load fully. I'm having the same issue with IE on my website.
    Has anyone else seen this problem with IE, WordPress and Youtube?

    Everything looks fine in Firefox

  4. @ihatealex
    OOPS! You're in the wrong forum. You ought to be over here

  5. ok, thanks for the heads up. I edited my post so now my question is just about purpleslog question. So purpleslog youtube player is still not properly working in IE. Is anyone else seeing this problem or is it just on my end?

  6. That's right, it's not working. My other YouTubes are working fine. I think you'll want to strip the code out entirely and start from scratch. It should be of the form [ youtube=URL ] without the spaces, and with the URL of the video where I put URL, obviously.

  7. Yeah, I had to start from scratch.

    I also notice this scenario:

    1) It is working fine
    2) I edit the post to add something else or correct a type - but I do not change the [youtube=blah] section
    3) I click save
    4) adds all sorts of html code around the youtube stuff braking it again.

  8. Never had that happen to me. I just posted a YouTube, too. Which editor are you using? Are you typing straight into the Write box, or are you pasting from elsewhere when things go awry?

  9. Purple, what specifically are you adding into your post? We need to know to understand what you are doing and help you. Please give us an example.

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