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Newb Question: Can you map where your visitors are from?

  1. killashandrafalta

    I am a TOTAL Newb to the blogging. This is all of my second/3rd day. I have seen that I have had 17 visitors, and would like to know if like in MySpace, there is a mapping thingy that can show where the visitors have come from. Any idea?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. you can try:

    for flags:
    state flag counter
    state flag counter

  3. You can also try Feedjit.
    It tells you the country they are from, when they visited, and what page they landed on.

  4. feedjit - non Javascript version - HTML code for live traffic viewing - customizable widget >

  5. With feedjit no registration is required unless you want a premium account. You customize the widget size so it fits in your blog's sidebar andchoose the number of maximum number visitors displayed at one time. Then you copy and paste the HTML code into a text widget. And, IMHO it looks far better than the others that are available.

  6. killashandrafalta


  7. You're welcome. Be sure you get the HTML code as it's the only one we can use on blogs.

  8. thanks for the info timethief

  9. Your welcome and happy blogging. :)

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