Newb Tries Funny or Die Embed, Loses Hair in Process

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    Hey folks…

    I’m helping to create a landing site for some friends doing some great stuff on Funny or Die. They own the content hosted there, but they would love to have visitors on their page still count toward their FoD views.

    I did try the gigya short code workaround (in Safari), but didn’t have success with it– just got a blank area where the video would be. Has anyone had this work? I know FoD isn’t a supported embed but boy do I not want to dive into if I can help it.

    The content we’re looking to embed is the stuff here:

    Any help/insight is appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is



    What is the gigya shortcode you used, and what is the original embed code? Put them here between Code tags so we can read it all.

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