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    Hi guys, I’d appreciate a little advice. Here’s the story.

    I host a small conventional website for a local writers group that I’m involved with. The site has been sitting there for a few years and is in need of refreshing.

    I’m thinking of switching from the conventional website to a blog site. For several reasons: I should be able to add material from any computer rather than have to rely on been at my own computer with my trusted copy of Dreamweaver. One of the main attractions of the website is that it lists Writing Contests from far and wide and I’m thinking the blog would give me the ability to add contests when I have the odd half hour and also give those hosting contests the ability to announce their own contests; thus saving me time!!

    Anyway when I was looking into this possibility I came across Magazine type blogs; I didn’t even know they existed and some of them really do look like standard sites. There are two templates I feel would serve me well.

    While I don’t mind spending sometime getting something like this up and running this is my first venture into the world of WordPress and Blogging, so I’m wondering if I really need to be a little more advanced before I could get a blog like those above up and running.

    Let’s assume I go for the Bradford Magazine theme if I play about with it and get it up and running before going live can I put up a few posts, insert a few comments, fiddle with this and that until I get it to look the way I want and then just wipe everything and start all over again as though the blog had never existed before?

    Anyway thanks for your patience and any answers. Fell free to point me in the direction of magazine type blogs that you feel might be of interest to a Creative Writers Group.



    It sounds very much like you’ll want a self-hosted blog, not one at; our format restrictions here mean, for instance, that you can’t use the Bradford Magazine theme. For advice on self-hosted blogs using WordPress software, you should head over to

    The differences between and are outlined here:

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