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  1. Hallo,

    WP is so cool liking my experience so far....guys you have any tips for me on how to make it here?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just write about what interests you, or moves you. If it moves you, the emotion will come through, and it could move others.

  3. Comment on other blogs and here and you will gain loyal readers. Avoid Apostle Jack.

  4. Define "Make it."

    Have you read

  5. Ditto @tltcl

    Forums are great and you can search tags to find blogs you're interested in.


  6. Hmm... If you strive to keep the Mombassa attitude you talked about on your blog, it would not involve "how to make it" since being on the web is not being in the present. To be in the moment, you have to give up thinking and being on the web makes that impossible. So... since you're still going to blog, at least be here and have fun and forget about 'making it.' Otherwise, all that you wrote and lived is gone and somewhat wasted. You know what I'm saying? Keep that beautiful Mombassa spirit with you and forget about the bs that comes with the Internet. You weren't born to blog.

  7. naturewomanbydesign

    I looked at your blog earlier on today and found it very warm and inviting I liked the beautiful people bit, I agree with nickelbeck though show people the author and you'll make it I'm sure x

    To tltcl, Whats Apostle Jack?

  8. naturewomanbydesign

    To tltcl, forget the last bit Ive just found out lol

  9. @tltcl Or you can be like me, and keep poking the beast.

  10. Thinking is contrary to being in the moment?

    Gigi, we are so different, you and I.

  11. ha HA

    Well yes, we are different, but not for this reason. ;-)

    There are books and tapes on this subject. And to be honest, I had a funny reaction to it, too, when I first heard this. I'm not the best person to explain it. But yes, if you're thinking, you're not in the present. You're in the past or the "future," so to speak. You're not going to see what I'm saying now but you'll get it after time has passed, especially if you start reading books about it. I think Oprah had Eckhart Tolle on her show about this. I don't know, I don't watch TV.

    Here, let's test it. See if you can come up with a thought that is in the present tense. (Not a reaction to something but an actual thought)

  12. Googled it and yes, Oprah had Tolle on her show. I think it was a series.

    An alternative to reading... There's an excellent documentary, "Man on Wire," it won the Oscar last year, I think. Philippe Petit, a French tightrope walker, schemes a plan to tightrope walk across the Twin Towers (the same towers that fell on 9/11) and he does it. Illegally, of course. He had to get into the towers and hide there until after everyone left. You would love the part where he gets almost to a tower and the police are there, waiting for him, and what does he do? He smiles and turns and walks the other way. He had to go to court and I love the judge. The judge says, for his punishment, he has to tightrope walk in the park for kids. It's an amazing documentary.

    Anyway, if you rent it, there's a separate piece where he's talking about his work. And he says that, in order to walk on the tightrope, he can't think or he's dead. If he thinks, he falls. Most people would think he has to think in order to not fall but it's total attention to the now. I'm on the net and I can't be in the present because I'm thinking about something that happened, not what's happening at this very moment.

    If you have a dog or a cat, they can tell you about it way better than I can! :-)

  13. Morning guys, thanks y'all for your encouraging feedback. I really appreciate

    @Nickleback you are very right, when I write about something am passionate about the emotions always shows..

    @tltcl we do have something in common :) thanks for the warning but whats about Apostle Jack...

    @raincoaster by making it, i mean to say how do I get my voice heard and have an impact on someones life through my words..

    @NWBD thanks for visiting my blog, am happy you found it inviting..,please share on the Apostle Jack bit..hope am not asking a blonde question here :)

    @gigisanchez thanks for your good advice ...about a thought in the present that stuff is a bit complicated

    @momfog thank you I feel very welcome here, am sure am I will have fun interacting with like minded happy individuals

  14. Take a look at some of Apostle Jack's forum posts or visit my blog and read 'A discussion with a prophet of God' and make your own mind up.

    I think the man's 'gifted'.

  15. ...found it gosh the guy is very weird!!!

  16. I'm new aswell, I was invited to join and I mainly write about wrestling. Current fueds, opions, so on.

  17. Welcome to WordPress! It's a great community we have here!

    tips...follow your heart and write. Do what you do best! Simple as that!

  18. @ultimaterko checked out your blog its nice, could you upload pictures of John Cena?

    @blackfeather your blog is very lovely, loved your photography portfolio especially!

  19. Take your time. Comment in other people's blogs (the ones that you feel you can connect with, not just any blog). Post as often as you can but don't stress about it when you can't. Be yourself. Gradually your blog will become known and word will spread. :)

  20. thanks so much for the advise, I have being connecting with very interesting bloggers so far, and I am enjoying the process. Was just a little obessed with views for a while, took some few deep breaths and composed myself :) it takes time and most importantly I enjoy writing and sharing thoughts and interests with others.

  21. Im a newbie just started a few days ago would love people to check out my blog

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