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Newbie:- Add pdf to posts

  1. Hi all,
    I would like to add a pdf file to my post.
    Is there an option / plugin ..for this in WP ?
    or do i have to use free filesharing sites ?

    Please help me undestand WP,
    Thanks in advance,

  2. Simply upload it like you would an image and then you can link to it from within your posts or pages.

  3. If you want it to display within the post, I think you have to use the Vodpod button which you get from their site, but I'm unclear on how exactly you use it.

  4. Thanks for the guidance.
    I dont want to display the contents of pdf file..
    I just want to "attach a pdf" to a certain post..

    I will try with the upload image ( and add pdf file) , shall let you know about it

    Thanks again,

  5. Hi there Deepa,

    How did you get on with this? I'm having the same thoughts.

    At the moment it's working when I click the upload media button, but I get a clickable text link instead of a pdf symbol for my users to click on. It looks ugly! :-)

    Have you found any way of doing this?


  6. Easy enough: upload a PDF image, the little icon you want. Then, upload the PDF you want and embed it in the blog, but click to the HTML editor and copy that link. Go back to Visual, insert the icon, click to select, click on the Link icon, and put in that link.

  7. Thanks Raincoaster,

    I can see that'd work well. Seems a bit of a complicated way of going about things if you have to do lots of uploads, but it'll work well enough for now.

    Cheers for the idea,


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