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    greetings. I am very new to wordpress, and have searched as much as I could to find my answers but no previous topics have helped. I am having some minor issues customizing the css. I have upgraded to the css pkg, and there are few things I would like to do to ChaoticSoul. I have already achieved my color scheme I wanted, however a few spots still trouble me.

    here is the site:

    1) There is a border at bottom of posts that is brown and I can’t find anywhere in the css to to change it’s color..I have changed EVERY “border:” to my chosen color and that one remains..

    2) On the right below the calendar and text, the border-right seems to be 2px on upper right, and 1px on bottom right. I’d like it to be uniform like entire wrapper with a border of 1px.

    links to my edited css: edits.txt

    thanks to any who can help.
    kevin r.



    sorry incorrect link for my edited css file,
    here is correct:

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