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Newbie blog - Alt + Enter: my first gaming blog!

  1. Hi all.

    I felt a need for a creative outlet in my somewhat hectic life, and decided to start writing. "Stick to what you know" was the mantra, so I chose to focus on gaming; my passion and my most favorite sub-culture.

    I have never really tried to do anything like this before. My last writing gig was almost a decade ago, so don't expect golden rivers of prose and technique. I simply write about what I think is worth writing about, and try to make it worth the time it takes to read.

    Any feedback would be lovely, and constructive criticism very much appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm SUCH a newbie, I forgot to link my blog...


  3. I've actually just updated my address, so it no longer sounds like I'm crazy or 12 years old.

    New addy:

  4. strange, i was just commenting and it's reverted to just the hello world post :(

  5. ah >_< timing

  6. Yeah, I'm sorry! I've been messing around with it all morning. I didn't realise changing the address would cause so many problems.

    New address is Sorry about that.

    <--utter newb. And an idiot to boot. :D

  7. New post up, controversy and opinion abound - DRM, and my thoughts on the whole thing.

    Read and critique for a new guy wanting to get better? :D

  8. Cheeky bump as I have another post up!

    The death of the game demo, and the hole it leaves in our lives... Or just a random moan from me. YOU DECIDE!!!

    Read and comment, ta! :D

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