Newbie Blogger – Subscriber options other than email?

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    As a newbie blogger, I am a bit confused about offering subscriber options to my blog. please excuse my lack of knowledge on this subject. I have LOTS to learn. Hopefully, I didn’t publish my blog too early.

    Today, I received an e-mail from someone who said she’s like to sign up to follow my blog but can only do so via e-mail.

    I have added a widget to subscribe to my posts via email. Although not ready, I plan on adding subscribing links to twitter and Pinterest.

    While reading other blogs, I have seen where there is a Widget? on many of them that say something like:

    Blog Followers
    My Blog Subscribers etc.
    In this area, I can see people who have subscribed to the blog

    Is there a special Blogger Subscribe widget so my blog can be added to someone’s reading list?

    That’s not Blog Roll Right?

    Is there another widget or link that I can post on a sidebar and allow bloggers to sign up ? Google Circles?

    Sorry about all the questions. I just find this part confusing.

    Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it!

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m new too, and would love some help directing friends and others to my new blog. I was wondering about connecting it to Facebook when I publish. Do you know if this is even an option?


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    Use this in your sidebar for email subscriptions:



    I believe there is:

    If you go to your dashboard you will see an Appearance Tab
    Under that tab you will click Widgets
    There is a Widget called “Facebook Like Box”
    it says, “Display a Facebook Like Box to connect visitors to your Facebook Page”
    Click it and drag it to your sidebar
    Save or update your changes
    It should post on your blog

    Hope that’s right! Good Luck!


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    Publicize makes it easy to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, and Yahoo!.

    As for google+


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    Other advice about how to increase traffic / get more views:

    The tags on the right side of the forum will bring up other threads on the topic:
    and so on (you get the idea of how to put in your own search terms)


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    I forgot this:

    At the bottom of each post and page you can now include sharing buttons for your readers to share your content across a range of social networks/services.

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