Newbie blogger zero to 211 in 10 days offering and seeking traffic advice.

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    I was stuck in traffic driving the other day.

    wait a minute, that’s another topic. What a meant to say was that I am a newbie blogger about two weeks old and I am trying to increase my traffic. Can you experienced professionals out there give this gal some advice? How did you increase your traffic?

    The blog I need help with is



    do a search here in the forums and you’ll get hundreds of ways to increase your traffic.



    Timethief has written a nice article about the same. You should check it out.


    I am new to this as well and with stats falling like stars makes me a little nervous ge i`de hate fr my blog to fail before it even gets somewhere. After looking through the forums and visiting the article of your suggestion Unmallya…it all seems so confusing…not knowing where to start exactlly and so on.




    @webmistress27 your stats aren’t falling, they’re rising. Click the ‘Months’ tab on your main stats page to see for yourself.



    Thanks for mentioning that, well from the monthly stand point it seems cool, then again considering how many people are online not so much. I would like to incease the daily stats of course none of us will get the same amounts of vistors daily, but its hard work trying. I comment alot of blogs so i`m sure many of you all will see me and my partners reading and giving our pov on what we see.

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