Newbie- couple questions

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    i just started this:
    take a look!

    when I try and put up a photo, it posts as small.

    the other photos you see are imported from this:

    (and they show up the right size.)

    How can I make new photos show up full size as the imported ones?

    And how do you create addtl sub-pages- I think I was doing it right, write a new page, import the old blog into it, but it then goes ‘page not found’ and can’t publish.

    any help appreciated as I want to go only with wordpress; blogger is TOTAL garbage from a technical standpoint- it never functions right.

    Also I’d like to add html in- where do i do that?

    Any replies pls send to (email redacted), I apprec it.



    1 “when I try and put up a photo, it posts as small.”

    I hate to be a pain but what’s small to you looks fine to me. A specific example of what you’re looking at would be great. :)

    Now I am looking at this post here and the picture of the truck with the mountain in the packground. You state that you’ve imported these pictures but what you’ve actually done is just link to them from your (Quick aside that doing this is against Blogger’s TOS and may get your account over there shut down. You may want to move over the pictures to your account. Here an FAQ to get you started on uploading pictures to your site here.)

    Anyway, you’re using two seperate pictures here when I see the truck picture. The first one, http: // is the one on your blog page. You link to a different one: http: //

    Both of those are from your blogger account. Do note that these are two different sized pictures.

    2 – Please understand that Pages are not Posts. (Note the captial letters there.) You have imported your old posts from blogger into Posts here. An example of a Page is your About Page. They are completely seperate from the Posts system on your blog and usually will not show things like a datastamp or categories while Posts will show those. To create another one of these, you need to visit Dashboard -> Write -> Write Pages. To make a subPage under another Page, looks for the Page Parent along the right hand side of your Write Pages form.

    If you’re thinking of subPosts, that does not exist on WordPress. You can create additional Posts via Dashboard -> Write -> Write Post.

    I strongly suggest reading the FAQ at the head of this forum as well as checking out the FAQ as well as the FAQ I linked to above.

    Feel free to ask if you have any more questions or don’t understand something.

    Good luck,



    Hmmm. Clicked their name and it says:

    This user has elected to delete their account and the content is no longer available.


    That’s a very short frustration-giving up cycle.



    Moved to support by the way…

    *shrug* We tried. They probably were expecting to have the importer actually import the photos instead of just the links. That’s come up before.



    Good on him – he made the happiness choice ROTFLMAO. And then regaining her composure she chuckeld and said: So I guess I don’t have the shortest fuse of all.

    When I imported my blogger posts the photos I had at the top of the posts came along with them. Isn’t this always the case? Also I looked at the photo sizes when he first posted and thought they were quite large – much larger and more in number than I allow myself to post.


    Whatever. I’m just hope that guy isn’t a doctor or a car mechanic. “Sir, we can’t figure out what’s wrong with your car. We looked at it for like five minutes and we just don’t know. So we’re going to blow it up.”



    They may have also been upset that I didn’t email them but posted here. *shrug*

    Let’s not worry about it.

    Closing thread.

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