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newbie hello's

  1. Hi everyone,
    I just started my first blog ever today and this is so much a journal but with more to play with! Hopefully while I'm bumbling around learning the ropes I won't step on too many toes:) Come visit my blog if you want, although you might be better off waiting until I'm not quite as backwards with the blog-thing! I've been cruising and checking out random blogs to "edumacate" myself. think

  2. Hello mehitabela, Welcome to WordPress, :-)

    These posts will be helpful for you.

    How to discover your blogging voice

    How to link your name to your blog

  3. thanks teck07, i'll try that!

  4. ok...i think i followed the directions so i'm posting just so i can see if it worked.

  5. You're welcome!!! mehitabela,

  6. See, when I think of "newbie hellos", I expected to see people typing incorrectly while introducing themselves.

    "Hi I'mfrankand I like pumpkinpie it tastes good and mymommakesthe best. Like for real."

    I was sadly disappointed to see this was not the case. :-)

  7. You have a very smart and interesting page, however, you should make more use of tags to increase your traffic. For example, your post , you could use tags such as "mark twain, tradition, society, literature, conscience....." that way, anyone looking up these tags have a higher chance of being linked to your blog.

  8. welcome to wordpress! I hope you enjoy the community hear and discover your voice ^_^

  9. Thanks for the advice,pinnythewu, I read somewhere that if you had too many tags, you would be viewed as a spam site! I added a few today.

    Thanks douglaskev, I fear my blog will be a hodge podge of stuff (maybe that's my voice?) as I live a hodge podge sort of life!

    HI kstafford i liv to surv:) lets cum my shaite dont show up you feel better now?:)

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