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    Hello i am new to wordpress and i have my own domain and hosting from go daddy. I found an article how to map domains but i just don’t understand it. usually we change the CNAME and not the nameservers! anyway I just want to use my own domain (I already own) how to do it step by step? thanks



    Try looking at the FAQ You must have come over from Blogger, which uses CNAME.


    yes I have blogs from blogger and I want to make another one from wordpress. I tried getting one before but with no help I just let it go. I went to that site and I still don’t understand. Do I need to pay just to map it? I have a go daddy hosting with privacy for WHo is. I am just wondering I thought the nameserver is supposed to act as the host. I don’t really know all about this stuff. I am trying to use my hosting and domain for my wordpress blog. please help



    Read the FAQ that Vivian gave you the link to and follow the steps carefully. That’s it.



    And yes, you have to pay to map the domain. It’s all in the FAQ.

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