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    If you go ahead and look at my blog, I just need help with the header being un-centered and how to correct that.
    I messed with a few things that made it bigger and smaller but didn’t center it properly. (total ocd)

    Also, on my sidebar to the right, I was wondering if there are any codes to change each Title to an image? For example have “Archives” be an image of the word that I have created and uploaded myself.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    I viewed the header image of the blog linked to your username. The theme is the default theme called Kubrick and the header image is now centered when I view it through Firefox 3.5.8. There is a header generator for this theme and you can find it here.

    You can use linked images in a text widget, rather than using an Archives or Categories or Links (blogroll) widget if you wish.



    Note: What I suggest in my reply above does not require the CSS editing upgrade. Also note that if you do edit the CSS in the theme, then you can no longer use the custom header image uploader. You will have to upload the image and then link to the URL in the CSS.

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