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Newbie Layout Questions

  1. I have just created a combination website and blog. I am using the Twenty Eleven theme and currently have four distinct pages, including my blog page. The layout of my blog page is different from the other pages in a couple of ways. First, the blog post content lays out flush left in alignment with the domainname title header at the top of all my pages. On the other (non-blog) pages, the left edge of my content lays out app. 1.5" farther to the right. How can I get the text layout on these pages to match my blog page layout? Second, at the bottom of my non-blog pages, there are "share this" buttons and well as a "leave a reply" comment box - but none of those show up at the bottom of my blog page. How do I reverse this, i.e., how do I get the "share this" buttons and "leave a reply" comment box off my "static" website pages and onto my blog page instead? Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you know CSS editing? Do you have the paid upgrade?

    If you want the Share This buttons to show on your main blog page, you must go to Settings->Sharing and enable it on index pages as well as individual posts and pages.

  3. On the 2011 theme, the blog page has a sidebar. Your other pages you have set to have no sidebar. There is no way to set the blog page to NOT have a sidebar.

    You can take a look at different themes and find one that is one-column only, or has the ability in theme options to set it for no-sidebar on all pages.

  4. Thank you, but I'm still not quite clear. But first, to answer your questions, I do not know CSS, nor do I have the paid upgrade.

    When you refer to my "main page blog", I'm not clear what you mean. I have a "home" or "main" page for my website - where Share This buttons are present but I don't want them. I also have a blog page, where there no Share or Reply options, but that's where I would like them to be.

  5. Responding to "thesacredpath": thank you. I am happy to have a sidebar on my blog page. That is not my problem. Rather, I have these two problems: first, on my blog page, there are no "Share This" or "Comment" options, but I would like them to be there. Second, on my (supposedly) static web pages there are "Share This" and "Comment" options which I don't want there -- and, additionally, I would like my text layout to be positioned as far to the left on these pages as it is on my blog page.

  6. About having your static pages on the left as your post page is, you much select the "sidebar" template for them.

  7. must, not much…

  8. To "1tess": thank you. I follow that. How, though, do I get the "share this" buttons and "leave a reply" comment box off my static website pages and onto my blog page?

  9. About your static home page (and other pages), you must turn the comments off (allow comments should not be checked) in the page editor if you don't want the "share" and comment box on the bottom. Look in the discussion module of the edit page. Don't forget to update so the change takes effect.

  10. About having the share buttons on your blog page, you have to realize that they will only appear when a reader is looking at a single post. I think you have so far only one post. If you click the title of that post, then the comment box and share buttons will be there.

    Readers can not comment on the front page in general, they can only comment and share single posts.

  11. To "1tess": also, can I have different content in the sidebar of my static website pages versus the sidebar of my blog page? In particular, can I have text content in the sidebar of each static page (ideally, different sidebar content on each page), and have widgets only in the sidebar of the blog page?

  12. To "1tess": thank you for your subsequent clarifications. I think I understand what I need to do now.

  13. Sorry, front page is the same as your blog page. Usually blogs don't have a static front page (though lot of them do) so I was calling your blog page "front" out of habit.

  14. The content of your sidebar will have to be the same for pages and posts: you can't have different widgets on different pages.

  15. To "1tess": again, thank you -- including for your patience and graciousness in responding to my questions. But for further clarification: now that I understand that I can not have different widgets on different pages, could I use my sidebar for (the same set of) widgets on certain pages, but on other pages use the sidebar simply for text but no widgets?

  16. You can use s custom menu with child pages to note things of importance relevant to your main pages in lieu of specific widgets in the sidebars of pages. Not quite the same, but it could be useful for providing the information you want to convey.

  17. To "1tess": thank you, I'll experiment.

  18. Ah.
    I think we are talking together at the same time. May be it is confusing, but I hope this is helpful…

    No, whatever widgets are on one page or post will be on all pages and posts. But the idea of using a custom menu for additional information might compensate for that?

  19. To "1tess": now that I think our conversation overlap has caught up, can I ask this last question: where might I go to learn about "custom menus with child pages", and can you point me to any examples where I could see a page with that kind of layout?

  20. Certainly. has some very nice support documents.
    See if this helps:

    If you need more information we volunteers are at your service.

  21. to "tess1": thank you again. You've been great.

  22. My blog pages are a mess, but there are parent and child pages in the dropdown format.

    (One of these days I will clean them up so they are more useful)

    But that might give you an idea of how a custom menu would look, whether my information is useful to my readers or not.

  23. You are most welcome!
    you can just call me Tess
    (that user name was taken when I started with so I just added the 1)

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