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    Hi Guys – I am new here and so I would be really grateful if anyone can help with what I hope is a simple matter. I am using the theme ‘Depo Masthead’ in our blog: Yarpnews. It’s a simple blog (comedy based fun!) in which we post from text in Courier font from Word and add a thumbnail photo. However, when we do this and press ‘update’ the font will change or the text will move or the photo will disappear. So writing drafts has become a bit of a nightmare as they look great and then you save them and they change and usually I end up having to delete all text, photos and captions and post it all again. Anyone have any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

    Also, is there anyway of changing the font in the photo captions as they only seem to appear as Times New Roman, which isn’t the easiest to read. Any guidance would be gratefully accepted.

    Finally, I would just like to say thanks to wordpress and the wordpress community – you guys are great. Thanks for your help with this issue (or at least reading it) and if you get a chance check out our blog – hopefully it will make you smile :-)

    The blog I need help with is


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    Part of the problem is that you are pasting from Word. Word is a fine enough word-processing program, but it does not speak HTML very well. It adds useless code and will break your blog’s formatting.

    Try using an offline editor such as LiveWriter.
    Or switch to a theme with a font more acceptable to you.

    Captions can not be formatted on There is no way to define a font family, no way to center, left, right or full justify them. If you need control of captions you can use a table to arrange your image and its corresponding text.



    Hi 1tess – Thanks for your reply.

    We do follow the proper procedures for posting text from word (as in the link). But we didn’t realise that the theme had a default font (sorry not very computer savvy). Thanks for the tip about LiveWriter. I will have to look into that, but I was hoping to be able to solve this one without having to download more software.The trouble is we love the layout, design and three columns of Depo Master, but the Georgia font is not as reader friendly as other fonts such as tahoma, arial or courier.

    Can anyone recommend another theme that has a similar style and feel (and three columns) but uses a clear default font such as tahoma, arial or courier?


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    Depo is a very distinctive theme. Aside from using Panos’ post that I referred to above to guide you experimenting with other themes, you could try:

    You could try formatting each post with a div tag at beginning and end of each post.

    <div style="font-family:SPECIFY;">TEXT HERE

    By the way, it would be useful to make a second private blog to experiment on so you don’t have to mess up your public blog.

    Or TypeKit:

    Or buy a CSS upgrade:



    Ooh thanks 1tess, your information has been invaluable, but as I have only really just got to grips with using Word (like I said I’m not computer savvy), I guess I got me a lot of learnin to do.

    Thanks again for your help :-)



    There is another way to do this, not very elegant and with a few more steps, but it will make your post look exactly the way it looks in Word with the picture, spacing, and all. I’m going step by step because you seem hesitant about computers, and I apologize if it sounds like I’m talking down to you. But I’ve gotten a lot of explanations where people assumed I knew something I didn’t, and it made everything else useless to me.

    1) Build your post with picture, caption and everything, in Word. (Save it. This will be the only file you can edit on.) It doesn’t really matter where on the page things are, as long as they’re oriented to each other the way you want, because you’re going to snip out the chunk you need. I add this because placing a picture (use the Insert feature in Word) can be frustrating.

    2) Do a screen capture. (The button is marked Print screen or prt sc)

    3) Open Paint. (This is lurking in Accessories in your list of programs.)

    4)Paste your screen capture into the window (use control-V or the drop-down Edit menu)

    5) Use the Select tool (a rectangle in a rectangle, upper left of screen) to choose what you are going to post. Copy it. (drop down edit menu or do control-C)

    6) Open a new file (from drop down File menu)

    7) Paste again, as in #4. Save it as a jpeg in some folder where you can find it easily.

    You now have a picture of your post, which you can paste into WordPress in one step. Nothing will move, because nothing can move. You also can’t edit it — that has to be done in step one.

    This is a really old work-around, but the old tricks stay in the book because they work. Hope it helps.



    That will accomplish placing an image in a post. However, search engine sipder bots cannot “see” text in images and cannot index text in any images.






    Oh my god, that would practically render your blog invisible to the rest of the world, to say nothing of the HUGE problems you’d have as soon as you made another post.

    ALSO not to mention the image compression issues at WordPress that tend to make images fuzzy. For god’s sake if you’re going to hamstring your blog this way, at least use a PNG.



    I knew my subdued relpy would not suffice and you would be on this one. ;)



    Not to mention that having a blog almost entirely composed of images would be every visually-impaired person’s nightmare, no? (I’m talking about people who have to use screen readers)

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