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    I am french & unemployed, and wordpress was advised to me by a netsurfer, in order to make a site to make me a site to promote my work.

    Voilà where I am :
    I am using the modularity theme for instance, because I was attracted by the photo system of presentation.

    I am a beginner and ignore how to use the CSS. So I would appreciate a lot your help, in order to help me to modify some few things that I do need, to improve my wordpress, please.

    I explain what I do need, and maybe that you could help me to make something the more approching of what I dream perhaps, I’ll be very happy (I saw that it is possible to start of zero with the “sandbox theme” & css, and that we also can modify our chosen theme too, I ignore what is the best, so merci of your help) :

    Adding to the modularity theme, I’d like to add:
    – SUBJECTS : blog, art, photoblogging, photography, portfolio (hope I forget nothing)

    – STYLE : artistic, colorful, pop, vivid, for making business/online job

    – COLORS : YELLOW (lol), red, turquoise, fluo

    – COLUMNS : something flexible please

    – WIDTH : they say everywhere “fixed width” so I suppose it is the only option

    – FEATURES : custom colors, custom backgrounds, custom menu, custom header (MORE BIG THE HEADER because I want to set a big photo on),
    possibility to translate in several languages for the international customers…

    BANNER.HEADER : I’d like it could be so big than this one please :
    as if it was a website.


    (rtl language support etc words I ignore what does it means so merci to explain to me)

    – AND A LINK “https” of payment securisation page to make a page of e-business site, or anything looking like that,

    with a photo-album in order to fit our products inside with the prices etc,
    you know whatta mean? ok. merci.

    this one :
    was cool,
    but it gives only in black OR white,
    no other possibility of choice if my memory is good,

    and it was no possibility of “homepage” with a photo first,
    we directly arrive on a text as I already explained before.

    I quote the people into my credits who help me if they want to be quoted,
    it could make a cool advert for the people who’d work on my ideal theme,
    to help them to get out of unemployment, find job such things, promotion.

    here :

    I like the idea to set a picture/photo on a mat of sheet of paper, I like that a lot.

    But I dislike a lot the dark grey color, it isn’t my taste at all.

    I’d keep the red letters & the black arrow aside,
    on this paper sheet mat for me, that’s ok.
    and the red squares on the top to underline the menu, it is ok too for me.

    but no grey.

    people/customers have to feel it is art/drawing my job quickly,
    creation, originality,
    and for instance, I find too much sad & classy themes for me personnally.

    I’d like to have in hand a simple e-commerce page to use, easy to use,
    because I am not a pro of CSS etc such things, reason why I chose wordpress too.

    I just want to get out of unemployment & to sell easily my job without breaking my head during months.

    I’d like it can support a portfolio.
    I’d like my text is written on a white surface,
    because I fall on a theme that has got a grey translucent surface,
    on my yellow background it is not possible to read the text and it is truly a big problem.
    I want a yellow background.

    And do you know where to ask advices about how to make a good background and good logo, please?

    I know that everything isn’t possible in life, but in any case, I asked,
    explain me how to make, and I’ll do my best to work on.

    I hope I forget nothing.


    In advance, merci a lot, Audrey

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Audrey. First things first: is not made for e-commerce. See this topic for more details:
    This being said, you can do certain changes to CSS but that requires an upgrade ($).



    the person advised me bad, because she does business and sales on her wordpress and assured me it was possible.

    now you tell me it is not possible, and that I worked a lot on, opened an account for nothing, I am quite discouraged.

    moreover, I asked the question to the employees of wordpress before to open my account and they didn’t tell me that, without what I wouldn’t have open my account at all.

    and when I faced problems with my template/theme, I faced another employee, and when I told her it was for building a blog for making sales as an unemployed, she told me nothing too.

    so I am very annoyed, because I don’t have the money to make a true e-business website, my family no more, and I am very annoyed, I ignore how to do to get out of such problems.




    She probably uses


    no, she’s on the same than me.
    it is like that she advised me the url link.




    Go here and you can have a free ecommerce blog, and hack the template to suit you, as well as using Google adsense and other advertising. >


    now, I ignore where I’ll go.

    without an internet surface, nobody will find me to give me work to do.

    I am discouraged.

    we have a new juridic statute to be allowed to work as an indie for free,
    and I live into a rural place in countryside. without internet site, it is impossible to be visible. as an unemployed, I have right to no training, to no job offers, to no money help since 2005. I can’t pay anyone to do such website.



    Please stop relating your personal story here. Mine would make you cry a river but exchanging personal stories on this support forum does not result in you getting a free ecommerce blog. Doing this will >


    her addy is ending by “.com” on wordpress.
    and she does a store on.

    @timethief : merci!!!
    and on blogger, I won’t have any problem for the sales???


    @timethief :
    you are very unpleasant,
    and I do not deserve tour lack of respect of the kind,
    you do not have to prohibit me anything,

    you do not be a critic nor a senior chief in rank towards me


    NB :
    and if the crafters women group to who I already SEVERAL TIMES
    asked the question last year on flickr (between around 2009 and 2010) would have gave me the answer, instead to keep everything for themselves all alone into their little clan, as everything would be secrets,

    I wouldn’t have been obliged to disturb you there,
    and to lose one entire year and more of incomes,

    that makes problems of money to my family who’s obliged to pay everything instead.

    that the right people take in charge their responsibilities.

    I wasn’t unpolite to anyone on the web, but at a moment I am truly fed up.

    it isn’t because I am unemployed, that everyone must take me for an idiot and a door mat to make its nerves on, and all the time put my head into the mud.

    I am a human being and has got right to the respect.


    because I saw, that every crafters women are on blogger,
    I know that they lied me for lot of them, a lot of time,
    that a lot of them stay between themselves never sharing anything with the others,
    by taking the help to the others,
    and that they refused to helped me often when I asked during 2 years,
    when they all knew I was in problems over the head with my family,
    and receiving so much moral lessons from her all during years.

    if they would have been truly “moral”, as they pretend all the time,
    for this kind of group,
    I wouldn’t have been there asking help this eve.

    I would be on my blogger, working to earn my living.

    voilà, the truth.



    Here at our blogs cannot be equiped for ecommerce transcations (shopping carsts) because the software strips out the code.

    Here at we can sell only what we personally create ie. our own inteeelectual property. We cannot retail or resell anything (products or services) that we did not create ourself. We can only use a paypal donation button and/or a contact form.

    Here at we cannot use our blogs to drive traffic to third party sites by using advertising or affiliate schermes with a very narrow exception. See here >

    Affiliate marketing blogs: Blogs with the primary purpose of driving traffic to affiliate programs and get-rich-quick schemes (“Make six figures from home!!”, “20 easy steps to top profits!!”, etc). This includes multi-level marketing (MLM) blogs and pyramid schemes. To be clear, people writing their own original book, movie or game reviews and linking them to Amazon, or people linking to their own products on Etsy do NOT fall into this category.

    Here at we cannot access and edit themes and templates. We can only purchase an annually renewable CSS upgrade and do the work to change appearnce but not functionality ourselves without Staff help.

    I have not been rude to you but you have been rude to me. I forgive you and suggest we move on now. May I please suggest you log out have a cup of tea, and then log in, and read the information at the links I posted?


    @missyellowpop, there are two types of wordpress blogs. Those hosted here at the wordpress.COM hosting service, which has restrictions on what we can do, no e-commerce being one of those restrictions.

    The other type of wordpress blog is what is commonly referred to as “self-hosted” where the blog is using the software from wordpress.ORG and it is hosted on a third-party hosting service such as godaddy or blue host.

    On self-hosted blogs, you can advertise and do e-commerce. On free blogs hosted here at wordpress.COM, you cannot.

    The following links should help clear things up for you hopefully.

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