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    Is it possible to embed a dipity timeline into blogs? I know it can be done in but is there a widget for this in the .com version?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    You can put code into a text widget to create a ‘widget’, but a lot of code is automatically stripped, so it doesn’t work. If it has javascript, flash, or other HTML, that isn’t in the link below, it’s not going to work. In wordpress.ORG no code is stripped, but here it is, since it’s there as a security measure.


    Oh sorry, wrong thread! My mistake. But technically the same advice. Depending on the code, it may or may not work. There isn’t a widget for this, and I doubt the code fits the above. If you want, post it here, so people can check for you, just make sure you put it between ` or press the code button you see above the text box.

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