newbie needs help! editing greenery css

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    Hi all,

    Have been bashing my head up against the wall for a good few hours on this… Absolute blogging/css newbie, but have purchased the upgrade and battled my way thus far.

    My page is here:

    I’m using greenery theme, and have a few issues:

    1. How do I change the green box that floats between the background and the page elements? Can’t seem to find it anywhere?!
    2. Is there any way of shifting the location/size of the blog title link? It’s interfering with my image.
    3. If I can’t move the blog title, is there a way of making it invisible? Tried to make it 0px, but you could still see a little dot. I still want my site to be optimised for search engines, and it’s my understanding that if I remove it entirely in Settings>General, then it won’t be indexed.

    Apologies if I’ve used wrong or unclear terminology here – this is all new to me.

    All the best and thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is




    1. The green box can only go if you change your blog theme, there is no other way to get rid of it.

    2. that is also the same, there is no way to move the title.

    3. no, you can do that ether i think

    Mark in support mite be able to help on 3


    Thanks so much for coming back to me!

    I’m happy to have the box remain, but do you know if there’s a way of changing the colour in css? The green in my logo is clashing with the green of the box… :(




    Im not very sure of that, i think the only way of that is to change the theme of the blog.



    Try Following,

    Following code will remove your blog title
    #header h1 {

    You may have to replace innerbg.gif from #wrapper see below

    #wrapper {
    background:transparent url(images/innerbg.gif) repeat-x scroll center top;
    margin:0 auto;



    Urr As shes a newbie im not sure she will understand that unmallya.



    She may be newbie to, Looks like she has some knowledge of CSS. She has already manage to make some changes in her code. If she need for info I will gladly help her.



    I Understand.


    /nod to unmallya

    1. Yes, the green is a background image although it is not applying correctly for some reason – even if I correct the code. This is likely due to the fact that you have pasted the entire CSS into the CSS edit window, which can mess things up – especially when it comes to any relative image links that happen to be in the CSS. They all end up breaking. See this post by devblog: . If you keep the entire CSS in the edit window, then make sure that “start from scratch…” is selected in the CSS edit window.

    1a. My suggestion is to add the following to #wrapper in your CSS and replace the xxxxxx with your chosen color code:

    background: #xxxxxx none; scroll center top;

    The above replaces the gif image that is used for the background with a color declaration which if you want a solid color is the way to go.

    2 & 3. Since you have your title in the image, my suggestion would be to actually increase the size of the font to around 80px in #header h1 and change the color to transparent. Also change the color to transparent for #header h1, #header h1 a, #header a:hover . What this does is makes the header text invisible, but makes the header area clickable for the most part, which will give a link back to the home page. There are other ways to do this as well.


    Hi all,

    Thanks so much for all the help – really feeling the love in this forum.

    In answer, I have enough HTML not to embarrass myself at cocktail parties, but CSS is new to me.

    I have implemented these ideas (except for the transparency, which i couldn’t figure out how to do sacred path!) and the page is looking reasonably good.

    Thanks again!


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