Newbie needs help: titles are disappearing from my posts

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    I just started this blog today and am still experimenting and trying to figure things out. I have been uploading images and adding titles (which appear when I check under edit) but the titles themselves are not appearing on the blog. Not sure if it matters, I am using the bouquet theme and bought the $30 custom extra.

    Also, can someone point me to a guide where I can learn more about posting multiple photos in a single post?

    The blog I need help with is


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    You won’t need the design upgrade to solve this question.

    Some of your posts are using the image post format (and possibly, though I didn’t search for it, the aside post format). Those formats will not display titles of your posts.

    If you want titles on each post, then use the standard post format.

    I’m not entirely sure, but in some themes if you upload only a picture without text the theme will automatically choose image format—another volunteer can correct me if I’m misunderstanding that issue. I believe it can be over-ridden by manually choosing standard post format.

    Here are some details about post formats:

    Re-edit and update your posts so they are using the standard post format.


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    I’ll dare to add some advice you didn’t ask about. has a nice tutorial to help you become acclimated to using this platform:
    Take a look at how to use categories and tags. There are also Support articles on those topics.
    The search function there works pretty well.


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    You did ask about this:

    Also, can someone point me to a guide where I can learn more about posting multiple photos in a single post?

    You can insert images one at a time, aligning them left, center, right, or none.
    You can insert galleries as well, with several different formats.


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    Please feel free to ask more questions if my links did not give you enough information to accomplish what you’d like to do.


    Tess, thank you!

    The image v. Standard post was exactly my problem.
    I am happy for any solicited and unsolicited advice!
    I will check out the links you provided.


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    You are welcome. If you want more details once you have had time to look at the links we volunteers will be here. ≥^!^≤


    Thank you, I went through and read the links. When I start with a fresh post and select “standard”, I am able to add many photos, one below the other, with text, and they all come out the same large size, which is ideal.

    Moving forward, I will probably want to create many posts with only a photo or two, then go back and add additional photos to the post as I figure out my story. But, when I click on edit post, and try to “add media” (a photo) below the original photo in the original post, it comes out much smaller than the original photo. While I have the option to align the photo, there is no way to make the size bigger to “match” the original post photo. If I click on the options for the photo, the options for increasing the size (eg, 130%) are greyed out. Am I missing something? Thanks, this site has been awesome in getting me up and running quickly.


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    Your site is now private and as a volunteer, I cannot see what you are working on. Are you using the Bouquet theme? Sorry, I cannot remember…


    It is bouquet theme, and I purchased the upgrade. I made it private because random people started following it and it is nowhere near ready for that. Is there anyway I can create and post a link here so people here who respond can view it?


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    Not really. Was your blog set so search engines won’t index it?
    Option 2 here:

    Most likely they were just spam followers.


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    I’ll make a wild guess here. I just edited a post in a test blog wearing Bouquet and successfully added a full-sized picture below an old one. No fooling with the so-called image editor provided by WordPress

    (advice: don’t use that—upload pictures the size you want to display them. is great blogging software but it does not do well with image processing. See this article about image quality: )

    Did you upload an image sized as a thumbnail or medium sized at some time before you uploaded a new image to an older post? ‘remembers’ your previous setting for the size to insert.


    Ok I figured it out finally! I was assuming I needed to use the image editor so I was not paying attention to the prior step– which was squashed at the bottom of my screen– that had the drop down for image size! Duh! Seriously I would not have even noticed it there if you hadn’t alerted me to how it was being uploaded (yes it was uploading as medium). Thank you!!


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    Yes, the design of that particular screen does not make it obvious that there is more “squashed at the bottom,” as you said. It’s the flaws that endear. LOL

    Glad that is solved!

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