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Newbie needs help with social icons in header and fonts in sidebar

  1. Hello - I'm new to WP and working on creating my website: It's a private blog at the moment b/c it's a work in progress, so not sure if you can view it or not. My two questions (for now) are: 1) Can I add social icons to my header? Thanks to searching the informative forums, I was able to create/link the icons using the text widget in the sidebar. However, I'd like to have them in the header. Is this possible with/without the Custom Design upgrade? 2) Am I able to use different fonts in the sidebar and widgets using the custom upgrade, or just change the fonts in posts? Thanks so much!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oh, and I'm using the PaperPunch theme.

  3. Okay here's what we have on our end. We cannot see the blog in question as the visibility is private. We do not know which theme you are using and that means we cannot help you by providing accurate answers to your questions. Which theme are you using please?

  4. OOPS! I'm so sorry I scrolled down and noticed the theme is posted above. The answer is that you will need (1) css editing experience and an annually renewable custom design upgrade.
    (2) Yes you can change fonts throughout the theme with the custom design upgrade.

  5. No worries! Thanks so much for the advice. I know nothing about CSS editing, so I may just get my site as close to being ready as I can on my own and then see if I can hire someone locally to do some tweaking for me.

  6. It may be that this could be done with inline CSS in a text widget using position:absolute and then specifying top and left values to get the text widget in the position you want it. In some instances the position of the text widget at the top will appear to shift up or down depending on if you are logged into wordpress (admin bar at top) or not.

  7. Thank you. In that case does that mean that I would not need the custom upgrade, or I still would?

  8. You might need the custom design upgrade. I would not know until I tried to move the text widget outside of the sidebar container in the theme you are using. It just depends on how the theme markup (XHTML) and CSS are done.

    With the Custom Design upgrade, you can typically do a little trick to keep the text widget from moving around when logged out/logged in.

  9. Hello timethief and sacred path. Just wanted to give you both a HUGE thank you for all of your advice. I have searched the forums and have successfully followed many of your tips and tricks in order to create a site that I am very pleased with. I've decided to hold off on the Custom upgrade for now and ended up placing the social icons below my photo in the sidebar.

    If you want to take a look at my new site, it's public now and the address is:

    Thank you both so much for your invaluable contributions on the forums!

  10. Your site looks nice. Thank you for the praise. :)

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