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Newbie Query - Netscape 7.1 conflict?

  1. Hi:

    Confession time: I'm a newbie and I'm having trouble figuring out why my blog will not show up in Netscape 7.1 browser. I get the theme top (Misty) with my title, but nothing else, no entries at all. What's up with that? Am I missing something? I've cruised the forums looking for answers and even tried a google search, but as no one else seems to be having this problem, I have to assume I'm doing something wrong. But what????

    My browser of choice is Firefox, and it shows up just fine in that.

    I looked at it in IE, and there are some html tag issues, but I've figured out that is because I cut and pasted from MSWord, and I'll fix it by going back and retyping the problem entries to get rid of the html tags.

    I just checked it in Netscape 8.1.3 and it looks fine. So it's just Netscape version 7.1. Aaaargh! What's going on?

  2. Netscape will have problems here, esp the older versions. Firefox is the one to use.

  3. My concern is how others see the blog: does anyone use Netscape 7.1 any more? Should I even worry that 7.1 isn't 'seeing' my blog?

  4. You should be able to find usage statistics for that Netscape version from Netscape, shouldn't you? Given that there's nothing you can do on this end to fix it, I wouldn't worry about it so much. If it were a more popular browser, I would, but there's no sense turning yourself inside out for a very small minority, unless that is your base readership (ie the blog is about Netscape for the underprivileged or whatever).

    It's much like making the decision about how much rich media to use: if you load the blog up with video and audio, it won't serve people on dialup and you'll lose readers. Only you can tell where the balance point between accomodation and pointlessness lies.

    FWIW, Safari also has big issues with WordPress, something to do with it not recognizing the Java used here.

  5. expatriateruminations

    My blog shows up just fine in Netscape 7.2 which is still available at Netscape's site.

  6. All the complaining I do about my having to use Netscape 7.1 and no one points the poster at me? I'm hurt.... :)

    It's 7.1. It had issues with displaying divs correctly. 7.2 can see them fine and doesn't have the security issues 7.1 had.

  7. expatriateruminations

    Sorry Doc I was unaware of your carping on the issue.

  8. Looking more at Mark and Rain actually. :)

  9. Please. I don't keep track of what other people are using to browse the internet unless for some reason it prevents them from accessing MY blog. Besides, Dr Mike complains about everything!

  10. Must have been all that walking I did through the lava and the snow when I was your age.

  11. I'm older than you, kiddo. "Rocking the Casbah" was my high school anthem. Don't start with me or I'll hit you with my cane.

  12. @rain and drmike
    Okay you two break it up, now.

    Yes, I remembered drmike used Netscape 7.1 (refer to Mosaic ... he, he, he) and that it had issues. But Mark dealt with the OP's issue in the first responding post so I didn't see any point to rambling on about it.

    P.S. Are you using firefox on your new computer, rain?

  13. Yes. I have it and Explorer, but I find this is way faster. Also, I like the tab option.

  14. I have both too. Firefox is fast. It has useful extensions and I love the tab option. :)

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