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Newbie ques: Internal Links

  1. I can confirm that they work fine with the full post but not with the more tag. They are different urls, so I wonder if that has something to do with it?

    On the second point, I am lost in the woods. Sorry. :(

  2. Thanks, ellaella. I've sent feedback on this. Why in the world would the more tag override the page jump? (Then again, why does the more tag cut off the full feed? Seems to me there's really something wrong with the more tag implementation here.)

  3. This is baffling, Vivian. I tried again, accessing the full article both with "more" and by clicking it from your sidebar. And they work fine that way, even though they are different urls (I don't know why I'm focused on that).

    With more volunteers around in the afternoon, I hope someone who can really help you will see this.

  4. I got an answer from support:

    It can't jump to somewhere it can't see - and until More is clicked the jump has no end so it doesn't work

    The moral of the story: don't use page jumps AND the more tag.

  5. Duly noted and bookmarked! Thanks.

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