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    My blog is hosted on and I am trying to put multiple galleries on a single page by using the option of “include=” with the gallery tag. The problem I am having is that it appears in order to do this I need to know the shortcode of the image to go with the “include=” option and I can’t figure out how to determine that. From the things I have read, you used to be able to get this from doing a mouse over on the image in the Media library before the image is published but that does not appear to work any longer. I have also read where there are plugins to get the info but obviously, I can’t use those on my hosted blog.

    The blog I need help with is


    You need he image ID number. Mouse over and look at the progress/status bar of your browser. Or mouse over, click Edit, look at the address bar of the browser.



    Tired that…is does not display the image ID. I thought I read some where that that functionality was removed from the new version. Either way…I can’t get it to work.



    Perhaps this will help:

    Make sure the status bar is enabled in your browser.



    Awesome…that was the trick. What I was doing wrong was from within the Page/Post editing window, clicking on Upload/Insert and then looking at the image properties from the gallery tab. I guess this used to work because that is the original directions I found but it does not appear to work any longer. Anyway…thanks for setting me straight.


    You read wrong. How could it possibly be so when the IDs are needed for the include/exclude option?

    If you go to Media>Library and click Edit under an image title, the URL in the address bar of your browser will be like that:
    You can also find the ID numbers of images inserted in published posts by checking the sourcecode of your actual blog (selecting View Source from the View menu of the browser). For example, the IDs of your three “Lift” images are 91, 92, 93.

    What browser and version are you using?
    (And why do you want multiple galleries? you can insert groups of independent images instead.)



    @phydeauxman – you’re welcome. I don’t ever remember seeing the image ID in the Image Uploader itself (maybe I didn’t look for it there), but I just tried it and, by golly, you’re right. Regardless, the ID number should be the same.

    @Panos- No worries. :)

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