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Newbie question on links

  1. What am I doing wrong? My links aren't working (not found). When I'm putting in a link, the Search option doesn't seem to work - won't find and list the page I want to link to. So lists "recent works," where it comes up with the default About page - which I've not touched. Why? When it searches, it obviously does so after each character typed in search box, but where? Because it never seems to find anything, even when I KNOW recent work has the word in question. When I at first just used the title (not search) it worked at first, but no longer. I think the problem is something basic that a newbie like me would be likely to do. What could it be?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have only one post, complaining about this issue. How can your search find anything if you haven't published it? It only searches within your blog for published posts.

  3. OK - nice to know that search only looks at published stuff. But it still doesn't find by title what it needs to if I link that way! I'm coding a post with several pages. Everything is set to be "published" in the future. My links just aren't working and the simplicity of the process suggests that the problem is something simple that a newbie like myself would do and not be aware of it...

  4. What links are you trying to put in? Unless you know WP well enough to predict what a URL will be after it's published, you won't be able to link to it. And if you do, the links still won't work if the posts haven't been published yet.

  5. The links I'm trying to use are very simple: just a post to a page and some from pages to other pages. (All links go to the same future post.) If what you're developing won't be published until the future, what you seem to be saying is that there is NO easy way to put these links in - and I can't believe WordPress would be that stupid! Think about it, and try to think of what I'm doing that is causing so much trouble!

  6. I assure you, WordPress works that way.

  7. Thanks for your input. I guess WP IS that stupid! HTML is simple compared to this.

  8. If you put links in a published page or post where the destination page or post doesn't exist yet, you create 404 errors and the search engines seriously hate those, and if you have too many 404s search engines can decide to completely ignore you and stop indexing a site. I just spent the better part of a day straightening up a site and creating redirects for someone that changed from one platform to another (different URL structure) and the 150 now dead pages/posts caused google to suspend indexing the site. They wouldn't even index the new pages/posts on the site.

    With the search engines tightening things up so much lately, you have to work very hard to anger the search engine gods.

  9. And wordpress isn't stupid. In fact on stuff like this, they end up protecting people from themselves, and it isn't that the people are stupid, it is just that they have no clue on how all the webbie stuff works and can get themselves in deep without even knowing it.

  10. I'm using "shortlinks" (absolute instead of relative) and that is working good enough. Thanks for your input.

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