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    Ok…so I’ve read around and found that you can edit the CSS or the templates here by buying the Custom CSS upgrade. I LOVE the Template I’m using (here is my blog ) The only catch is I being a digi scrapper I would like to add a gallery of sorts…I know you can’t use any kind of embedded stuff so I started searching for a CSS version (new at all this so forgive the ignorance). I found the following site.

    So I think this would work…but I really really don’t know where to start! other than of course upgrading to the custom CSS option. Pretty PLEASE HELP!!!



    This will answer your question on editing templates at

    To create a gallery you will need to get a free account at flickr, zoomr or photobucket. Then you post thumbnails on your blogs and link them to the originals stored off site wherever you get your account set up. You can use the forum search box to get more information on this as it’s been discussed many times.


    I already upload to a free account called Image Shack..So that is covered…But I’m still wanting to know if that specific CSS sheet would work..i’ll blunder it I’m sure but if it will work then I’ll find a way…


    ok…I think I get it…The CSS they give is just the styling to the xhtml which I CAN NOT add. So No I can’t make this work, at least not on the free blog account. So i’m off to search and see how I can do it! :) Thanks …

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