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Newbie Stats Question

  1. I had someone click on 3 of my postings on my blog, and that showed up in the stats. However, there is no sign of how they reached my blog, no referal or search engine term. I also have statcounter and sitemeter and there is no information there at all about this visit. How is it possible for someone to click on my postings and not be recorded by anything? Hope i don't sound stupid but i just don't understand as even Googlebot shows up on my counters.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Re: stats
    The following are not counted:

    * Visits from registered users of the blog when they are logged in.
    * Visits to uploaded documents and files
    * Visits from browsers that do not execute javascript or load images.
    * GoogleBot and other search engine spiders.

  3. Hits, Page Views, Unique Visitors

    What is a hit? In web analytics, a hit is any request for a file from a web server. By request means a hit calculates page content delivered, all images to complete that page, and any additional files that need to be loaded to make the web page you are looking at, appear the way it does.

    What is a page view? A page view is a request to load a single page of an internet site that results from a page request from a web surfer clicking on a link on another HTML page which is pointing to the page in question.

    What is a unique visitor? A unique visitor is access from a single IP to a web server that generates page views and hits during a particular visit. When a visitor has cookies disabled, there is no way of establishing if they are a unique visitor or not.

    Activemeter, Sitemeter, Statcounter, wordpress stats and all the others will never agree. Each one of them decides how and what they will count as a hit. Some count page views and some count unique visitors. Therefore, use any of the stats counters only as a general guide to hits.

    Understand that an application that is not running on the same servers your blog is on is going to be susceptible to wild fluctuations. This is because all hits have to be transferred over the internet to different servers, and there are literally thousands of things that can go wrong between the server your blog is on and the server at the stats place.

    Also be aware of the possibility that the software or hardware at the stats place may be broken and not recording, or counting things as intended.

  4. Thanks but i'm still none the wiser as to how someone can click on 3 posts and not be recorded other than the stats showing what posts they clicked on. All those things listed as not being counted on wordpress stats always show on my statcounters, even Googlebot and other spiders are shown, but this visit didn't show. I am the only registered user and it wasn't me!!

  5. Visits from browsers that do not execute javascript or load images.

  6. But i don't understand what that means...Sorry to be a pain but i'm not at all technical and am new to blogging.

  7. If somebody is a regular visitor to your blog, your URL is probably stored in their browser, and it won't show them as coming to your blog via a referrer at all. If they're subscribed to you via RSS feed, and they decide to go to the blog itself, it won't show that either. So it will only show that they are there; it will not show how they arrived. It's perfectly normal.

  8. OK Thanks. But i've only been here about a week and had my blog as private at first and haven't long set it to allow search engines so haven't got regular visitors yet (although i am indexed with Google). The same thing has happened this morning, another 3 postings clicked on but nothing else showing on here or my Statcounter and Sitemeter. I was just concerned that someone is stealing my postings that's why i asked. Thank you raincoaster for explaining.

  9. You're welcome. What you're seeing is perfectly normal.

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