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    I’m new to WordPress, I decided to use it for a new project as I thought it would save time…

    However, it has been just the opposite, the visual editor in WordPress does not seem to allow you to change the font or use line breaks instead of paragraphs. So, I resorted to HTML and copying it over to the Code editor, which works great.

    However, if I need to make a small edit on the page, it defaults to the Visual editor instead of Code and instantly all of my <p> and <br> tags are stripped out, leaving one big blob of text (even though it still falsely looks correct in visual mode).

    This means I have to keep an HTML file on my computer and copy it every time I want to make a small change to keep from having to reformat the entire thing again–so I might as well have just done a website, it would have been a lot easier.

    Is there something I am doing wrong? Can I get rid of the Visual Editor, or at least get it to provide me with font and line break options?

    Any help greatly appreciated!


    Are you using Safari? TinyMCE editor that wordpress uses for writing pages and posts is not fully compatible with Safari.

    I would suggest downloading the Firefox or Camino browsers to use with wordpress as they are the most compatible with wordpress.

    Alternately, you can go to “my profile” in your dashboard and uncheck “use visual rich text editor” and click “update profile” and then you will be doing all your writing in code view. Some, including myself, find this a little confusing since in addition to the text of your post, you will see all the html code for your formatting. Since there are other problems with Safari and wordpress as well, the best solution is to download one of the other browsers I mentioned above.



    Thank you! I am using Safari 3. I didn’t realize there was incompatibilities. I do use Camino also, but was hoping to keep this new project all together in Safari.

    And thanks for the info on where to turn off the visual editor! I looked everywhere I thought such an option might be but simply could not find it.


    You’re very welcome. You might also consider an offline editor such as Ecto. Timethief has a good round up of what’s available with links on her blog at:

    I like Safari and wish it worked, but we’ll have to wait for TinyMCE to get their editor compliant, and who knows when that will happen.

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