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    Hi, Ive just set up a wordpress blog and used the twenty ten theme.I’m trying to add links across the header ( think there called pages) but all I can work out to do is lable it website and insert a link to that page. I ideally want people to click on the heading website and be directly sent to my website….

    Any help would be great!!! maybe im being totally silly but I really have tried quiet a few things:-


    The blog I need help with is


    Member blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to third party sites. And Volunteers are not in a position to make a call on which sites can be linked to or not and provide instructions for how to achieve what you want. Only Staff can do that. Please run this by Staff

    If the website you wish to link to is a commercial site where you sell products and/or services that you do not create and/or provide yourself then you may also want to read these entries:



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    Nearly made the same mistake myself, lol



    When you create a new page leave the content blank and insert an HTML link using the anchor tag as the title. In between the opening and closing anchor tags post your link text. This has to include a space, even if it is only one word.



    Note: I tried to encode the triangle brackets, not sure if it will work!


    @victoriagrech: By itself, the remark “ blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to third party sites” is incorrect, and your own website is not a third party site. See here how to do what you’re looking for:

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