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Newbie to WP how do you customize with CSS?

  1. I am a web designer trying to use the Word Press platform. I see you cannot change the HTML files but you can customize the CSS. Few Questions:

    How do you view the HTML files? To know the Div's you are customizing?
    How do you change background colors?
    How do you change layouts?

    Why doesn't Word Press have a Customer Service you can CALL??????

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, that's true for If you setup WordPress software (which is free and open source), you can have full control of all the code. Go to to learn more about the differences.

    You can view the HTML for any web page by using your browser. For example, in Firefox you would select Tools → Web Developer → Page Source or press Cmd+U on a Mac or Ctrl+U on a PC.

    How to change background colors depends on the theme you are using and what element you are trying to change. Some themes have an option built in to allow you to change the entire site's background and if that's available you would see an Appearance → Background option in the left menu of your blog's admin pages.

    You can change your theme any time from the Appearance → Themes page in your blog dashboard. doesn't have a large staff compared to our number of users, and so we don't staff a call center with set hours. Phone support might be something we'll try in the future as we grow, but we don't have plans to offer phone support right now. We do try to provide the best customer service possible by email and in or forums. :)

  3. How do you view the HTML files? To know the Div's you are customizing?

    View the source code in your browser, or install the Firebug add-on in Firefox, or use the Web Inspector in Safari or Chrome, or the one built into Explorer 8 and 9.

    How do you change background colors?

    Find the appropriate ID or class for the element you want to change the background color on and edit the color code. Many themes here allow the main background to be customized right from within the dashboard either with an image or color.

    How do you change layouts?

    Some themes have multiple layouts build in and some do not. If the theme has multiple layouts, they would be under theme options. In some themes you can hide or change page elements on a page-by-page basis in the CSS and in some you cannot.

    Do note that CSS is a styling document used by browser to format, style and position the various elements of a webpage. It cannot be used to add or change functionality.

    There are the forums for help, and you can contact wordpress.COM support using the contact form at . They don't do phone support.

  4. Thank you for your help guys, I am learning the WP Platform a little more now.

    A couple more questions:
    How do you rearrange the top menu nav. (not the side widget one) The main navigation links?

    How do you edit the main page or index page? All I see is editing for pages you add.

  5. Welcome! to WP!

    You can use a custom menu to rearrange the main navigation. See

    The main page lists your latest posts by default. You can change it to a static page if you'd like though. See

  6. Great thanks again!

    One last question, I already bought a domain name from GoDaddy and would like to use it instead of the How do I switch the url with WP so its just that domain for my site?

    I would really like to use that domain as apposed to forwarding from GoDaddy.

    Does this cost more money?

  7. Also how do you remove the "leave a reply/comment field" from certain pages or universally?

  8. @reflectionfilms, mapping a domain you already own to a blog costs $12/year. First, you'll need to go to the registrar where you purchased the domain and update the name servers to, and Then you can add the domain to the Store → Domains page in your blog dashboard.

    You can also find detailed instructions for domain mapping at

  9. You need to disable comments for existing posts or pages from their edit page individually or using the bulk editor on the Posts or Pages sections. You can also set the default to have comments off for new posts you create through your Settings → Discussion page.


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