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Newbie trying something New.. and FAILING!! I know hard to believe right..

  1. So I was browsing through and I loved the way the recent post thumbs were directly above the menu bar. I went about trying to duplicate it using different photo gallery widgets, and thumbnail post widgets along with tweaking my CSS to call it in. I am ok with HTML/ CSS but the integration of PHP used in wordpress is blowing my mind. Does anyone have any ideas on how what seems like a simple thing can be done? Maybe CMS is just not my thing!!

  2. If you are talking about integration of PHP, using different photo gallery widgets, and thumbnail post widgets, then you are in the wrong forum.

    If you are paying someone to host your blog, then you need to go over to

    WordPress.ORG is not the same as

    Here's a brief summary of the differences between the two:

  3. Seeing as you've mentioned PHP it looks like you need to try searching the support site for people who host their own blogs. This is the forum for wordpress.COM which works differently, if you are a user then post a link to your blog for us to take a look at.


  4. Oops sry guys! Yeah I am just using wordpress on a blog I am hosting myself. Question was strictly wordpress software related. My bad. Thanks for the responses! And the redirect.

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