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    Hi – I’m setting up Videopress on our self-hosted blog as a gentle holiday task. I’ve purchased Videopress and uploaded a video, it has processed and now I have a short code to copy and paste onto my blog. All good so far. I’ve pasted the code into my page and published the page. However, although I can see the video on my page with a nice play icon on it, when I click the video nothing happens – it’s like there just an image displayed rather than a video player. I’m using IE9 and I’ve toggled compatibility on and off and the only effect this appears to have is to make the play icon disappear. What gives?? If you want to look at my page go to and scroll down – I’ve used a chunk of the MS Wildlife video for my tests. Thnaks for your help. Cheers Ed.

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry for the trouble, would you please contact our VideoPress team through ?

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