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newbie w/ several questions

  1. hi thanks for any/all help in advance

    what does a sticky post mean?

    what is a gravatar? i saw the symbol but dont know what its for.

    i notice my picture is still the generic one they assigned me, i already changed it to a recycle sign, why isnt it showing? does it take 24 hrs or something?

    how do you get your posts on the front page? like the vip posts, or even on the dashboard, top posts, latest posts etc

    my name is mailady i would like to change it to MaiLady with the capitals, when i signed up it didnt allow capital letters but i see others with their names capital (Matt, Andy, etc) how can i change that? or could i even change it to mai or maiself etc?????

    thanks sooooo much


  2. The sticky post option allows you to designate a post that will appear at the top of your blog post area and stay there until you "un-stick" it. It is useful for announcements, or for a brief message you want new visitors to see. Some have even used them for a "Hot Links" thing where daily they edit the post and put in links to things they think are important or interesting (news articles, etc.).

    A gravatar is the picture that you see here in the forum by your post (the pinkish colored pattern. You can actually upload your own image as well by going to users > your profile in your dashboard. When you comment on gravatar aware sites, your gravatar will appear next to your name in your comments.

    Most of the sections on the front page (Top blogs, top posts from around wordpress, etc.) are there by some secret special programming that wordpress developed and they will not tell how it works otherwise then people would figure out ways to "game" the system (cheat). The "latest posts" section is just that it continually changes showing new posts made by bloggers from around wordpress.COM. Because there are so many posts made each day, the list changes like lightning, so the likelihood of seeing your post there is very remote. It just moves too fast.

  3. Oops, I missed one. Here in the forum, your main username that you signed up with "mailady" will always show.

    You can change the username that shows when you make comments and such. First to to users > your profile. In the "nickname" field type your name with the capitals. Then click "update profile" at the bottom of the page. Then on that same page, select the new name from the "display name publicly as" pulldown and again click on "update profile."

    Also you might want to link your blog URL to your username so that it automatically links to your blog when you leave comments. Under "contact info on the same "your profile" page, put the URL of your blog here in the "website" field and then again click "update profile."

  4. How to link your name to your blog with image reference

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