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    I’m new to these blogging malarky and I’ve set up a blog for a charity project in Africa but when i direct people to the URL ( they are faced with a username/password form. When i log in I can view my site but they can’t. I’m a bit confused. Sorry, it’s probably something really basic that I’m doing wrong but could someone please point it out to me? It would be much appreciated.




    I’m not getting any kind of username/password form when I go to; in fact, I’m not getting anything at all – WordPress is telling me that blog name isn’t registered and asks if I want to create the blog. Are you sure the url is right?

    Usually when someone goes to a blog and they’re prompted for a username and password, it means that the blog has been set to private; that means only people registered with the blog can access it. You can check your privacy setting in Dashboard > Options > Privacy; you want it to be set to either of the first two options so people can see it. If you want it to be private then you’ll need to add your readers in Privacy > Add Users.

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