Newby Signing up-Never Received Confirmation But Name Now Taken

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    Hi — Two days ago, I tried to sign up as a new user using a new e-mail address and I never received a confirmation e-mail. I sent e-mail to support and received unresponsive suggestions. When I went back to attempt to sign up again, when I put in my desired Username, wordpress gave me an error message: “That site is reserved but may be available in a couple of days.” The name was not reserved by anyone but me. The name is unique, so that is not even a low likeihood, although it may be the first thing one suggests. That is not likely the issue.

    And when I attempt to log in under it, it finds that I am not a valid user. I went ahead and created this (dividendsunclaimed) just to get in the door, but this is not what I wanted to do. And it shows that I can easily sign up, so it is less likely that I did something untoward (and LOSER/USER-like) to cause the problem. And there you go, I still have the problem and I really need some help, although I think it maybe can only come from an internal wordpress person unlocking my username. And, I have redirected my domain changing my DNS to WordPress, so until I get this fixed, I get no more e-mail at the desired e-mail address. So this is serious.

    So, it took enough to hold my site, but not enough to allow me to put in a password or to be validly registered. And I cannot “reboot” and start again because it kept enough of what I have put in to lock up my username. Please advise. Do I have to wait until Tuesday. Thanks and regards, robert at blackacre1031 [dot com.]

    The blog I need help with is


    Go to your email provider’s spam filter on your account there and see if the email was caught by their spam filter. Sometimes email spam filters can be a little too aggressive and will catch the wordpress emails.

    Contact support again and ask if they can send out the confirmation email again to the email address that you provided. I don’t know if they can do this or not, but it is worth asking.

    I’ll tag this thread for staff attention, but do contact them again on this since there is little the volunteers here in the forum can do to help you.

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