newly added category page does not show in menu!

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    I just created a new category page for my blog (, just as I have done couple of times before. There are currently 3 posts that belong to that new category named “H. Rubbert auf Abgeordnetenwatch”. I changed my menu accordingly (meaning I added the page by clicking “categories” and then dragging the page in question into the menu and saving it. When I go to the dashboard and click on “posts” and “categories”, I can “call it up” – and everything displays just fine: Archives of the category “H. Rubbert auf Abgeodnetenwatch”.
    However – the category page does not appear in the menu! I’ve tried numerous times now, and though it has always worked while I was still using the “truly minimal” theme, it doesn’t now, that I changed everything to “twenty-twelve”. All my old category-pages are properly displayed, though. Is it possible that this has do do with the theme?
    I’d be very grateful for advice on this matter, since I couldn’t find this toppic anywhere!

    The blog I need help with is


    PS: I forgot to mention that the category-page in question is supposed to appear under “Ihre Alternative in Viersen”


    Okay – I finally found my own answer: It looks like by changing the theme, my menu was automaticall put back to a sort of default menu. I realized today that ALL my catergory pages were missing, not just the newly created one. By going to “manage locations” and telling the system again which menu was my primary menu, everything was back to normal.
    So – toppic closed!



    Good work! You resolved this without help. :)

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